A promising week for ICOs

ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are the crypto-version of IPOs, with a touch more risk and consequently a lot more to be gained as well. There have been plenty of past successful ICOs such as Waves, Lisk, and Golem. This week, there are at least 3 ICOs which have been heavily promoted and which promise a solid roadmap.


Gnosis is an Ethereum-based blockchain whose main aim is to create a prediction ecosystem similar to that brought about by Augur. Gnosis promises a higher rate of accuracy than Augur and touts Vitalik Buterin as one of its main advisors. Date: 24th April 2017


MobileGo aims to be the first crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and store for in-game purchases; think of it as a decentralised Play Store / Apple store with lower fees and higher returns for developers. Date: 25th April 2017


Encrypto-tel's blockchain solution aims towards a secure VoIP and B2B communications infrastructure centered on privacy and security for its users. Think of it as a truly private Skype. Date: 24th April 2017

As always - invest at your own risk and never invest more than you can afford. Even more importantly - do your own research!