John Kamara – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

John Kamara – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

Blockchain Business Summit 2018 speaker

John Kamara

John Kamara

Director of Digital Growth and Development, Global Gaming Africa

John is an experienced marketing, business growth and market acquisition executive, who has successfully delivered multi million dollar global initiatives and projects on& offline for over 15 years, in the UK, Europe and EMEA. He has a solid understanding of the importance of securing profit and client satisfaction on budgets– with strong strength on ROI.

He started his career in the tech & telecoms space in the mid-nineties. Working for a number of international brands in business and technology strategies. Some of the companies he worked for include, Digicel in Jamaica, O2 Ireland, BMC software and Google to name a few. He also worked in gaming for a number of companies i.e 888, fulltime, webuildsocial etc.

Over the past 3 years as an early investor in a number of successful Alter-Coins he has been involved in a number of Block-chain and crypto currency projects. He was recently a speaker at the Block-Chain summit in Nigeria and also an advisory team member on a number of ICO’s in Europe and Africa. He is also heavily involved in digital e-commerce and intra Africa trade projects on the block chain and has experience in the business objective side of Block-Chain led him to develop the Block-Chain Centre for Excellence Education in Nigeria in Partnership with Digispace & ITEX. He is also currently consulting and team advisor with a number of Block-chain start-ups in Africa i.e Nurucoin (Kenya).

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