James Catania – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

James Catania – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

Blockchain Business Summit 2018 speaker

James Catania

James Catania

CEO and Founder of Intelliblock

James is the CEO of Intelliblock, one of the first end-to-end blockchain solution providers. He is one of the premier consultants of blockchain systems and technologies in Malta.

James has been in the IT industry for 25 years and comes from a background of software development and project management. He has worked mostly internationally on contract with several fortune 500 companies, such as HP, Rolex and Philip Morris as well as previously being a permanent consultant with the United Nations in Geneva. James’ interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency rose from his studies in cryptographic systems and encryption algorithms.

James is also national E.O. within the Ministry of Education and Employment for technology and is a member of the E-Skills Foundation and DSGB boards. He is also the creator and coordinator of the MRO – Malta Robotics Olympiad

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