Ian Dawson – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

Ian Dawson – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

Blockchain Business Summit 2018 speaker

Ian Dawson

Ian Dawson

Perennial Malta

Ian is a very entrepreneurial professional heavily focused on startups and disruptive industries — DLT / AI / IoT. He has been involved in the VC sector, the corporate structuring for international investments and the complex / cross border transactions, though with the advent of DLT, blockchain tech doesn’t really consider borders.

Ian is an experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He has a background in accounting and finance in the UK, where he worked at Bank of NY, Mellon. He then moved to Switzerland for a wealth management trustee firm.

For the last two years, Ian has been working on startup techs focused on blockchain, trying to put together the traditional fiat investment style (cash for equity) and piecing and transitioning that together in the crypto world.

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