Eman Pulis – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

Eman Pulis – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

Blockchain Business Summit 2018 speaker

Eman Pulis

Eman Pulis

CEO and Founder of SiGMA

Eman is the founder and CEO of SiGMA, the Summit of iGaming in Malta and now also Malta Blockchain Summit. SiGMA has become a world-renowned must-attend calendar event, attracting 500 exhibitors and sponsors, 12,000 delegates and 150 speakers, culminating in a Malta Gaming Week throughout November.

Eman graduated with first class honours in 2001 with a Bachelor of Education degree. He holds a Masters Degree in Creativity and Innovation as well as a Masters Degree in Diplomatic Studies.

This year Eman and his team decided to partner up with Bitmalta to help moving forward the vision of the #blockchainisland and to support the first edition of his brainchild, the Malta Blockchain Summit, this coming November.

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