David Pulis – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

David Pulis – Speaker in Blockchain Business Summit 2018

Blockchain Business Summit 2018 speaker

David Pulis

David Pulis

Head of Institutional Trading at Exante

David obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management and Public Policy and a Masters degree in Lateral Thinking, Innovation and Creativity from the University of Malta. His postgraduate research focused on innovation in governance in the contemporary British Commonwealth through twinning arrangements and institutional building.

He worked in finance, executing trades in the American stock market and served as General Manager for a group of companies in the tertiary education and retail sector where he was in charge of the overall business activity of the group. Dave is currently in charge of relationship management for trading clients
He is advising the Government on a regulatory framework for crypto in the banking arena and had a trading journey from crypto to fiat and back.

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